Launch Electrical Services works with engineering firms and mining contractors across the Hunter Valley, providing maintenance of electrical systems. Regular, preventative maintenance is key to keeping your equipment running safely and efficiently, and reducing down time caused by electrical breakdowns.

Launch Electrical Services offers onsite servicing so your equipment can remain in your workshop or on the mine site while we are completing inspections, making repairs or replacing unserviceable parts.

We also provide an asset management solution so that every item we inspect, service, or repair can be audited throughout its life.


Access to our web app

You’ll have access to our web application, which allows you to provide log books and test results for your clients, giving you peace of mind that when you step onto a mine site your electrical equipment meets that individual mine’s standards and is fit for use.

We have seen companies small and large turned away from mine sites at the beginning of a contract because of equipment that didn’t meet the mine’s requirements. We know that is a hassle you can’t afford.


Mine Site Compliance Audits + Appliance and Tooling Upgrades

Launch Electrical Services provides mine site compliance audits for contracting companies to ensure their tools and equipment is compliant with the specific mines they intend to service.

Based on the results of the audit, we can assist with appliance and tooling upgrades to ensure compliance is met.



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