Electrical Safety Inspections

Buying a new home  may be the biggest financial outlay you ever make, so it’s important to know exactly what you’re buying. Just like you want to be confident in the structural integrity of your new home or workspace, wouldn’t you also like to know that the wiring is up to scratch?

Launch Electrical Services offers pre-purchase inspections of homes and will provide you with a report on the integrity of the electrical installation.

While electrical inspections are not mandatory, they are highly recommended.

If you are a home buyer, real estate agent or property conveyancer, contact us today to find out more about this service.

Electrical Repairs


When something trips off, a fuse blows or something about your electrical installation just doesn't look and feel right, its probably time to call an electrician.

Like most things in life, your electrical installation will require some maintenance from time to time. Here are a few things to look out for.

  • A fuse or circuit breaker that has tripped more than once
  • A light fitting or power outlet that is not secure in position
  • something getting hot when you use it
  • A light switch that "sparks" when you switch it on or off
  • Physical damage to wiring or conduits
  • Any electrical work that looks like it was not done by a licensed electrician.
  • Any electrical work that you did not receive an "electrical certificate of compliance" for

If you have any concerns about your electrical wiring, please give us a call and we will make it right for you. Most small issues can be fixed on the spot and if it can not be fixed there and then we will make it safe for you and your family until the proper repairs are carried out.


Additional lights and power outlets


Are you thinking of adding some extra lights or power outlets to your home?

  • Down lights installed
  • Extra power outlets
  • USB power outlets for charging i things
  • Phone and internet outlets
  • TV points